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Korea University, July 13-15, 2017

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Kar-yiu Wong, University of Washington, US (co-chair)
Chung Mo Koo, Kangwon National University, KR (co-chair)
Joshua Aizenman, University of Southern California, US
Shin-ichi Fukuda, University of Tokyo, JP

Korean Economic Association




Korea University

Korea Development Institute

Korea Institute of Public Finance

Program Committee: Shin-ichi Fukuda, University of Tokyo, JP (co-chair)

Insill Yi, Sogang University, Korea (co-chair)

Kenzo Abe, Osaka University, Japan

Arindam Banik, International Management Institute Kolkata, India

Charlie Harvey, University of Wollongong, Australia

Fukunari Kimura, Keio University, Japan

Hyun-Hoon Lee, Kangwon National University, Korea

Eiji Ogawa, Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Miaojie Yu, Peking University, China

Zhongxiu Zhao, University of International Business and Economics, China

Jong Ho Hong, Seoul National University, Korea (chair)

Chen-Min Hsu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Pak-Hung Mo, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Yuri Sasaki, Meiji Gakuin University, JP
Local Organizing Committee:

Sung Jin Kang, Korea University, Korea (co-chair)

Hyeon-seung Huh, Yonsei University, Korea (co-chair)

Woo Chul Kim, University of Seoul, Korea     

APEA is happy to introduce its thirteenth annual conference: It will be held in Seoul, Korea on July 13-15, 2017 and will be hosted by Korea University. Economists are invited to submit papers for presentation consideration in the conference. Empirical or theoretical papers in all economic fields, with or without direct relevance to the Asia-Pacific economies, are welcome.

Please click here for a flyer of the conference.

Previous eleven APEA conferences were held at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo on July 30-31, 2005, the University of Washington, Seattle on July 29-30, 2006, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong on July 25-26, 2007, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China on December 13-14, 2008, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, USA on June 27-28, 2009, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong on July 8-9, 2010, Pusan National University, Korea on June 24-25, 2011, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore on June 28-29, 2012, Osaka University, Japan on July 28-29, 2013, Thammasat University, Thailand on July 11-12, 2014, and National Taiwan University, Taiwan on July 8-10, 2015, and International Management Institute, India on July 14-16, 2016. Please go to the home pages of these conferences for the programs and the papers presented.

Economists are invited to submit papers for presentation in the conference. Papers in all economics fields, either theoretical or empirical, and whether or not directly related to the Asia-Pacific economies, are welcome. A few sessions for graduate students in doctoral programs are planned.

The deadline for submitting a paper (or an extended abstract with at least 300 words) is February 15, 2017. Please send your submission to <>.

Please include in your submission the following information of you and all other co-authors (if any): name, e-mail address, affiliation, academic rank (or graduate student), JEL codes (of economic fields of interest), and mailing address. Please also include the JEL codes of your paper.

Economists are also welcome to organize sessions in the conference. Each session will last for 2 hours, consisting of
a chair person (not necessarily the organizer, but preferably not one of the presenters or discussants);
three to five papers around a common theme;
three to five discussants (If help is needed to identify discussants, please contact us.).

Please submit a proposal by Febraury 28, 2017. The proposal should include the title of each session, and the names, affiliations, academic ranks, and e-mail addresses of all presenters, discussants, the organizer, and the chair. The proposal should be sent to <>.



All participants have to register. The registration fee is US$320. Graduate students, with proof of their student status, will pay a registration fee of US$160. Participants from least developed countries will also receive a 50% discount of the registration fee.

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