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by William A Barnett, University of Kansas, USA and

Marcelle Chauvet, University of California at Riverside, USA


Barnett-Chauvet SurveyThe book surveys modern literature on financial aggregation and index number theory, with special emphasis on the contributions of the book's two coauthors. In addition to a systematic survey chapter unifying the rest of the book, this publication contains reprints of published articles that are central to the survey chapter.

Financial Aggregation and Index Number Theory provides a reference wor k for financial data researchers and users of central bank data, placing emphasis on possible improvements in such data from use of the microeconomic index number and aggregation theory. Click here for a promotion flyer and the discount coupon.

Readership: Graduates students and advanced undergraduate students in macroeconomics and monetary economics; central banker economists ; professionals in macroeconomic policy; researchers on the applications of aggregation and index number theory; students and researchers working on national accounts; research on financial market economics.

274 pp (approx.) Nov 2010

978-981-4293-09-9 US$85\58

978-981-4293-10-5 (ebook) US$111

Order information: (Order by March 30, 2011 and you will receive a 20% discount. Enter discount code: STEBA2010)


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