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A International Journal on the Greater China Economies, China's Economic Policies,

China and the Rest of World, and Related Issues

Economists and policy makers are invited to submit papers to be considered for publication in the Review.

The Review is a peer-reviewed, academic journal. Both theoretical and empirical papers will be welcome and considered. It will be published by World Scientific Publishing Company four times a year, starting from 2010. Papers to be considered have to be written in English.

The Review welcomes papers that are related to the economies of Greater China (the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau) and the relations between these economies and the rest of the world, with implicit or explicit policy implications. Papers that analyze current and previous economic policies of these economies and papers that make economic policy recommendations are especially welcome.

The first issue has been published and is available online:

The publisher is offering, for a limited time only, free electronic subscription to the journal. Please take advantage of it and sign up.

Submissions should be sent to <>.

Click here for a flyer of the journal. Please feel free to circulate the flyer among your colleagues and friends and to encourage them to submit to the journal.

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